Friday, March 4, 2011

“I Carried a Watermelon”


From "their" dumpster, to my home.

I've challenged my eating and drinking habits recently. Me before: eating whatever, drinking cheap wine. Probably to dull the pain of eating food I didnt choose. Me now: spending a little cash on veggies, avoiding junk, saving money by not drinking. I am SHOCKED to report: I feel kind of awesome! I am NOT condoning dumpster food! I am just questioning my choice to not choose. Its nice to have the surprise of dumpstered wares. (And wears!) But...I kinda of have to reflect, with the clarity of a sober person...uh, what was I thinking? That I could just magically manifest what I need from the dumpster, that what is in the dumpster is what I need?


Hmm...So I start eating healthy, and making the choice to pass by toxic stuff (however delicious) and here appears a perfect little watermelon. Power of the mind?

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