Wednesday, February 2, 2011

By Popular DEMAND

Thats right! Demand! uh, hehe, Sorta...
     It was suggested to me last night during the "Snowpocalypse" of 2011 that "there was something there...a coffee table book? A blog?" in reference to my album on facebook that archives my finds/musings via dumpster diving. Indeed it has attracted much acclaim on facebook...many  a "likes" to be had, indeed...And due to the again overwhelming facebook response to my query on to blog, or not to blog, here comes the first timid attempt...
     I've dabbled (and at times, more than dabbled) in tightwaddery for years, always saw the value to less in vs. more out...I eat less and exercise less and a a consequence tend to look better than my more monied, gym membership owning friends and acquaintances. 
     I am a leisure enthusiast. I respect the power of stress and try to minimize its effect in my life. And I have dreams, yet not the inheritance of a trust fund...or any monetary aide from my parents since becoming 18. 
     AND: I dumpster dive. Yes. There is the core of the blog, if not the heart of the blog. I want the blog to really truly get across why I have come to the conclusions/actions I have come to/engage in. I have a lot to say about life and how I live it. Many blogs exist already in me brainspace. SO there you have it...introductory yet vague blog-check!

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