Thursday, February 17, 2011

Onions. Do They Make You Cry Too? Do You, Too, Love Them?

Two weeks ago I wrote about how I got rid of so much stuff how I've never had less than this, everything is so clean...blah blah old friend came over and was impressed but said “Keep going!” I thought, really? Pfft! Whatever, lets see you do it! And Aaah! Space!

So last night I had the option of moving into a smaller but supposedly less noisy apartment. I tried it out and realized there is no way I am moving TWICE, possibly three times this year...and that Yeah. I am not done cleaning and getting RID. I took out three more bags of unwanted items that had little or no use or value to me. I put up even more on ebay, half dot com and etsy. I have two more bags to take to Market Fresh Books. ALL THIS after sincerely thinking I was done!

I don't know if its the Bikram (SWEAT!) or the Thai massage or being in touch with what I want and feeling purpose...something is happening and it's emotional and exciting, and it is all intertwined. I've let go of a lot, I just seem to keep going, and it feels wonderful! It is notsuperficial but on all levels (mental, emotional, physical) that in reality are just different ways of seeing truth. The Western convention to categorize everything is really just an aid to language, but since language changes the way we think, its good to remind ourselves that no. Really. Its all one. 

I've noticed a pattern to the release cycle, no matter what we're talking about...situations...things...expectations. I tend to get pretty emotional right before a big release. It all comes to the surface. I don't think I'm going to make it. It's dark and spiralling and hopeless. And then, I let go. And, hey hey! Dance a little victory dance! I'm standing. And soon, I've moved onto the next demon and the last one was ages ago...

So, I know what you're thinking. Janet, I just want to see pictures of your latest finds!

...I write under the category of dumpster diving, but its not about accumulating things at all. I told someone last night how I got rid of a bunch of stuff and they responded, “I thought you were a dumpster diver?! Aren't you doing it in reverse?” Now, if I gave the impression that I was out for material gain and that you should, too...if that's what people walk away from me thinking, then...I have failed to communicate. The POINT of diving is NOT STUFF. It is not wasting, it is knowing we live in a country that is wasteful and we choose not to join in, at the core, its about RESPECTING YOUR MOTHER (EARTH). This does NOT mean hoarding. It means living simply, not shopping and spending money when we do not have to. It is doing more with less. It is having less of a material impact and refocusing our energy to things that really really matter. Its about living UNDISTRACTED.

And, bite me, its FUN! I've been experiencing such joy getting rid of things last night and today! So much is replaceable. So many things immediately depreciate once you've purchased them. I've had multiple beds, kitchen sets, cars, bikes, irons...blenders...things come back to you when you truly need them, and sometimes when you just want them, and you do not need to grasp for them. So trashing the expendables was joyous. What has been even MORE fun is realizing what my life has been up to nearly thirty, taking inventory. I am shockingly at peace with and proud of the things I am choosing to keep. 


  1. i could not agree more.. i too have been shedding the unnecessary and trying to remind myself that everything we need we already have.

    keep on writing and doing what you do.