Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dinner and a Movie

     I am completely PMSy this day as well as sleep deprived. A lot on the noggin, eh? Eh. My mom's advice: "Drink some wine." Heh mom that's why I love ya...most of the time, when I am not PMSy and sleep deprived. I had to kindly peel away from that conversation...
     My moms advice is something I have followed pretty well. But being on a low income (for now) and wanting to change my circumstances (cuz its fun!) is steering me toward other activities tonight...even a 4 dollar bottle of wine, nah. The four dollars is better off in my paws than eventually in my blood stream. (That only kind of makes sense).
     The coffee shop I work at fed me and whisked me away with bagels, so tonight its a bagel with garlic in olive oil, spinach, and dumpster pudding. (found sugar free mix mixed with found dry milk). Also its lame that the library charges a dollar to rent dvds...but a dollar for that much entertainment where I can let my ovaries cry in peace, pretty good. I have in my clutches James Michener's Hawaii with Julie Andrews. She's funny in an overacting typecasted Charlton Heston kinda way...but still has talent. Like Chuck Heston!
     Yup. My recipe for the extreme version of PMS I get (along with charting the path toward my hoop dreams that sometimes come true, but never when I am actually PMSing) is sweet sweet carbs, clouds of chocolate pudding, and total isolation. TOTAL ISOLATION.

     Its for the best of all concerned.

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