Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who Was Raised Catholic? Show of Hands...(hand emoticon here)

     Its been a while since I posted. I can 'splain!

     I got a job, see...are you disappointed? FlashbacK! I had a blog about my anarchistic ways (though I never put that term to the behaviours till a year or so ago...) in 2008 when I freaked out about how culty Whole Foods is (John Mackey's the devil MAYN!) Anyway, this blog was on myspace and I had a fan. Dook he called himself. Ah Dook...Ill never forget your words of encouragement...I'm actually serious. He also bought a painting from me. (And when he sent payment he also sent a recipe for black forest cherry torte. Awwe! Dook, you remembered!) Dat was a hundy fiddy!!! Anyway, it was a fun and free spirited summer, until I logged into chase dot com. Then I got a job, and then I disappointed Dook. Dook, selling a painting here or there and dumpster diving, it ain't an income... :( Dook! Dook...? Echo???

    ...Although “jobs” aren't always the solution either. But jobs, as I am remembering and experiencing, can be fun, wee little stepping stones, and all jobs have their own special set of perks that come with them. I'm all about the perks and the freedom. And if food is involved, I'LL BE THERE! Past perks of former jobs I've had: 87% food related. Sometimes very GOOD food related. Like, four star dinners and fish eggs and blinis for breakfast. The other 13 %: flight benefits and borrowing books for free. (Cough. Thanks Half Price Books, ever hear of the library? Actually that came in handy when I owed 40 dollars in fines...)

     So, turns out, my part time, very chill coffee shop job comes with food and drink! I always suspected the drink would come when the coffee shop dream became reality...though I never suspected I could handle six shots a shift with such...finesse! I get food and bev fo free, without apologies. No, hey can I have this? Is it OK if I eat now? Can I be a partner to my bodies needs? Its pa-retty sweet. Being that I am still going through the food I've found from before (so much left!) and that in a way, Im “diving” at work (through glass covered displays) I haven't been checking the dumpsters as much as I had been.

     Confession time! A friend of mine came over for a night of boxed wine, and when she left, she found two boxes of Kashi in my dumpster. God, are you there? Its me, Janet. I felt a twinge of envy...I mean, what a find! Kashi's expensive! And that fiber? Thats not going anywhere for a long time, no matter what the company funded studies cant win em all...but from my very own dumpster!?

     I'm only partly kidding there. I DID feel envy. I haven't found anything for days. But diving is like that because things are constantly changing. And I just don't need it. The purpose of dumpster diving and cutting corners not the end but a means, and its fun, and there'll be a day when I can pass by some sweet finds. Maybe there will even be a day when I dont even look (Ha! Not! Way too curious...) But really, I had to ask myself, what am I some sort of a bum? What am I going to run after my friend with a broomstick, like I saw my neighbors do a week ago? True Story. But then I realized that although my income for 2010 was lower than when I was eighteen, I'm not just after free stuff...Im in it for the surprise! “Happy February Thirteenth Day!” “Happy Class is Over Time!” “Happy theres no more wine at home and you made less than you did when you were eighteen and you are almost thirty!”

     Not gonna lie. Tax season got me down for about a day. Less than I made when I was eighteen. LESS. THAN. I. MADE. WHEN. I. WAS EIGHTEEN. And I didnt pay rent then! No wonder I was dumpster diving! That was instinct, will to survive...The lack of income was not due to laziness or a poor economy, it was due to soul searching, school, and sacrifice now for long term gain. No immediate gratification this year when it came to money...And it's O.K. But it was a bit of a shocker. And I avoided the blog.

     There. Confessed! Now to say three hail marys and off to bed...and more frequent blogs to come...

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